Friday, January 20, 2012

黑社会 at VivoCity

As a pre-CNY lunch with L, I suggested for us to head to VivoCity for a nice dim sum lunch at 黑社会 (2nd level, near Sushi Tei). I have heard good comments about this place and thought it would be a nice place to chill and have a nice lunch with my beloved friend, L.

We were served fried fish skin as appetizer the moment we are seated and after asking for our drinks order, tea (our requested drink) was served very shortly. Their fried fish skin is quite nice. Not too oily and salty, and most importantly it does not have any fishy smell. This only shows that the skin is fresh and processed properly before deep frying it.

We order a couple of dishes such as xiao long bao, chicken feet, shrimp dumplings, deep fried beancurd skin roll and rice roll. We actually wanted to order 流沙包 and pan fried carrot cake but the waitress commented that what we ordered is sufficient for 2of us (implying that we should not be too ambitious, lol). Lucky for us, her judgement is real good as we are bloated after these few dishes. Haha.

Braised chicken feet (yums!!) and shrimp dumplings

Usually rice rolls fillings are char siew or shrimps right? They actually have it with shrimps and kai lan!! Interesting right?? We thought it would be nice to give this and try and it is seriously good. The kai lan is not over cooked, shriumps is fresh and succulent and the rice roll is very soft. The sauce is not salty like the usual soya sauce but taste more sweet than salty. Not too bad, in my opinion.
Rice roll with kailan and shrimps

I don't understand why the deep fried beancurd skin roll is served with soup instead???? I thought it is served with a vinegar dip??

For their xiao long bao, sad to say I prefer Din Tai Feng or Paradise Dynasty as the broth in the dumplings is too oily and thick for my liking. Din Tai Feng and Paradise Dynasty's xlb broth is lighter and I do not feel my own mouth is oily and sticky after eating it.

It's a nice place with comfortable seatings to have a simple dim sum meal and I am definitely open to visiting them again. However, I will give the xlb a skip. On the other hand, I want to try their 流沙包!!


  1. Their liu sha bao is the best! It's a must have whenever I visit. Next time let's go together on a saturday afternoon! They have discount after 2pm hohoho


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