Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: New Biore Skin caring facial foam

Biore is a brand I grew up with. In fact, my very first facial cleanser is from Biore and until now I still remember the refreshing floral scent from Biore cleanser. Over the years with more requirement from information savvy consumers, many companies are required to improve their products and Biore is no exception. Today, I would like to share the NEW Biore Skin caring facial foam.

No one are born with the same skin type and Biore Skin caring facial foam series definitely will have one that suits your skin type. For my combination skin, I am kindly provided with Mild facial foam (blue tube) and the scrub (pink tube) that is suitable for all skin type.

You might be wondering what is the new technology that Biore incorporated into this new range of facial foam and that would be SPT (Skin Purifying Technology) which is:-

1) High Cleansing Efficacy
2) No penetration to skin = No damage to skin
3) Non residue, Non irritating, Vitalize Skin!

With SPT, Biore new facial foam has high cleansing ability that does not irritate the skin. It is able to cleanse the skin thoroughly without stripping off skin's natural moisture.

After trying out mild Biore new facial foam for 2 weeks, I really love how it cleanses well without over stripping my skin natural moisture. I do not experience tightness of my skin after cleansing and the light floral scent is soothing too. The facial foam lather up very easily which makes cleansing a breeze.
Mild Biore new facial foam

For ladies with sensitive skin and have problem trying to find a suitable scrub, you can consider giving Biore scrub a try. The beads are so fine that it is even suitable for sensitive skin. After exfoliating with Biore scrub, my skin feels softer, smoother and brighter.
New Biore Scrub

For you out there who is looking for a good drugstore cleanser, New Biore Skin caring facial foam range is definitely a range you can consider. It's totally value for money! :)

Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.


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