Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 2012

It has been a long while since I last blogged because I was busy catching up with my life, haha. December is my favourite month of the year not only because the year is coming to an end and Christmas but also because it's my birthday month. This year, BC gave me a very pleasant birthday surprise because I have completely no idea where he is bringing me for dinner.

Little did I know did he planned for a cozy dinner at Sky on 57 which has an amazing view. I really had to thank God for granting a pleasant cool weather that day because it has been raining on and off in the month of December.

Before dinner, the staff recommended me a cocktail called Moulin Rouge. The presentation is really unique with the cocktail served in a grapefruit skin, seated above sticks of cinnamon. Not only does the cocktail taste fruity, it has a nice cinnamon scent.
As there is an at least smart casual dress code in Sky on 57, BC had to remind me to not wear fitflops and shorts! He knows me well that I might just dress in that as it is just super comfy.

The service of Sky on 57 is fantastic and they are attentive to our every needs. Service is prompt and they made sure that we complete our dishes before they serve the next one. The restaurant has a nice and cozy ambience which makes the date a very memorable one.

We adjourned to the outdoor area for desserts and coffee and the weather is just nice. Sipping our lattes and slowly eating our desserts, coupled with the nice night scenery, we had a good time chatting, which is getting rare lately due to BC's busy work schedule.

And just to end December 2012 on a high note (hahahahaha), I finally tried wearing red lips. It was a totally spontaneous decision whereby I stepped into Sephora with BC and told him I would like to try wearing red lips. He thought it was a great idea since I tend to go out with very light makeup and red lips will certainly brighten up the whole look. I was browsing at MUFE Aqua Rouge as I am looking for a non glossy type of red lips and BC immediately pointed to MUFE Aqua Rouge in #8 which is a gorgeous red. I tried it on and BAM! I am getting it! MUFE Aqua Rouge has an amazing formula and more details will be mentioned in my future posting. :)

I received alot of encouragement over Instagram after posting the above picture and it certainly boost my confidence on wearing red lips. Thank you all!


  1. Nice! Hehe glad to read about your romantic dinner with BC, so sweet! And yes, big thumbs up for the red lips! :D

    waiting to read about your BKK trip!

    1. should be soon but honestly nothing much exciting abt the trip. haha

  2. Ruby, happy belated birthday my dear. We are December babies! :) So sweet of your guy to bring you out to such a lovely place for dinner. I want to go there too.

    The MUFE Aqua Rouge is a gorgeous shade. And I prefer matte red lips too. Enjoy your red lippie dear.

    1. Sky on 57 will be a good place for you to shortlist for an anniversary dinner or something. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday Ruby!
    It must be a lovely night to spend there :)


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