Friday, January 4, 2013

MUFE Aqua Rouge #8

As mentioned in my earlier post, I had finally tried red lips. I personally prefer matte red lips because somehow without the gloss, it seems to draw lesser attention to them. Furthermore, with a matte look, it also seems more intense?

Here I am introducing MUFE Aqua Rouge 8, which is a lovely red shade. It doesn't look warm or cool to and I find it real easy to wear. Aqua Rouge gives you the option to go matte by just applying the shade, or to go glossy by applying the gloss on the other end on top of the matte shade. With this, you can already create 2 looks.
 As you can see from the swatch below, colour is very intense. However, with the doe shaped applicator, you can apply the aqua rouge very precisely. For first time red lip users, you can apply with a light hand to create the light red stain look first and then slowly build up the colour intensity when you are more comfortable.
Did I also mention MUFE is super duper long lasting?? You can see that a stain is already present after removing the swatch that was on my arm for only a minute or so. When I first wore it, it lasted a good 7 hours during drinks and a meal, that's how good it is. However, I do note that the shade did start to fade abit at the corner of my mouth which can be resolved by touch up. As it is this long lasting, do use a proper makeup remover to remove all traces of the rouge.

Priced at $39, it is extremely affordable and coupled with the nice shade and long lasting, I say it is a very good buy!


  1. I keep thinking I'll try one from this range, but so far I haven't got around to it! Glad to hear it lasts so well!

  2. Sunny, you should give it a try one day, the finish is amazing

  3. I have not tried this one. I think red would be the best pick for this range as it would less likely to stain on glass/cup while drinking :)


    1. yes, Meryl, u r right about the staining part. :)


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