Monday, April 14, 2014

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Rose Frivole and Corail Affranchi

I used to dislike cream blushes as I have oily skin but kudos to the new product technology, we are seeing more cream blushes that has moouse or gel like texture and not creamy per se. I super love YSL Creme de Blush so when I saw that YSL has a new cream blush that works for both lips and cheek, that certainly got me curious.

The small glass bottles of YSL Kiss & Blush reminds me of nail polish and it comes with a patented applicator with a hidden pearl that helps to deposit the right amount of product. Unfortunately, I can't appreciate this applicator as I'm not a fan of 'directly applying the product from the applicator and depositing it back into the bottle' so..... Yah... I can't comment if this applicator works as it claims :)

There were a total of 12 shades in this collection and I managed to only choose 2. My choice went to Rose Frivole and Corail Affranchi.

Rose Frivole is a candy fuchsia pink and Corail Affranchi is orangey coral shade. The texture is light (like a gel) and easy to blend. My preferred way of applicator is to deposit the product at the back of my hand and blending the product onto my trusted MAC 188 stippling brush before applying it to my cheeks. It stays on nicely on my cheeks for more than 4 hours. I haven't tried Kiss & Blush as a lip product but Meryl did a post here and Sophia also give her review here, which both are quite informative.

I tried to do a comparison of Rose Frivole and Corail Affranchi against my existing stash of cream blushes and I'm glad that there isn't a dupe for them.

Have you picked up any of YSL Kiss & Blush? Do share with me your favourite shade :)


  1. babe, i really love these 2 colors u picked!! Great choice :)

    1. Thanks dear! YSL is becoming my favourite beauty brand now :)

  2. We can do swappies :) cos I just bought Fuchsia Desinvolte and Rose Hedoniste. I was trying hard to stay away from orange shades because that's what I always go for. I love the shades you picked Ruby.

    1. Yeah to project swap!!!

      Looking forward to your review of this product :)


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