Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dream Date with Gucci Made to Measure

I love fairy tales when I was young....fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty with their Prince Charming and happily ever after always let girls dream of meeting THAT man. Although I am happily married with THAT man of mine, it does not harm to just dream again, with Gucci Made to Measure.

Gucci has long distinguished itself as a symbol for the world's most stylish individuals. This autumn, Creative Director Frida Giannini has conceived a new fragrance legend in the impeccably sophisticated guise of Gucci Made to Measure for the man who demands the very best.

How do you like your man? Tall, dark, handsome with the flat, 6 packs ab? I like mine to be confident and whose opinions have authority where others naturally defer to his judgement. With that nice italian suit that is obviously made to his measurement, now he needs that masculine scent to give him that distinctive edge.

Made to Measure is a spicy oriental fragrance tailored to make a lasting impression.

The fragrance is constructed like the Made to Measure suit; each accord and ingredient lending texture and structire, creating a whole that is a harmoney of fabrics and details. The aroma combines judiciously selected ingredients from around the world, echoing the sophistication of master tailoring. It is a scent that is specially crafted with the Gucci philosophy of attention to detail - a fragrance that has taken many years and hundreds of iterations to perfect.

Top notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Tunisian Orange Flower, French Lavender, Anis Seed

The first encounter with the fragrance is akin to the look and feel of a handmade suit.
Anis Seed, hand-picked, distilled Tunisian Orange Flower and the best Calabrian Bergamot. The smoothest Provencal Lavender tempers their potency, producing a caressing, soft, yet warm effect on the skin – stylish and comforting as a luxurious silk lining.

Heart notes: Sri Lankan Nutmeg, Water Lily, Juniper Berry, Plum, Cinnamon

The scent’s core is eclectic, lavishly spiced and textured – a beguiling combination fused to idiosyncratic effect. Texture and masculine elegance is achieved with piquant and bracing notes of Juniper Berry. While the rich, tonal enigma of Sri Lankan Nutmeg and succulent Plum replicate the plushness of cashmere.

Ok, now that we have that PERFECT man with the PERFECT fragrance, how should the PERFECT dream date be? I am not too demanding and would be contented with a nice picnic along the beach with a sunset view since I am too lazy to watch sunrise, haha.

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