Sunday, December 15, 2013

YSL Holiday 2013 Avenue Marceau eyeshadow palette

I have always have a thing about purple eyeshadows and I'm not sure why. Whenever I check out any counters for their eyeshadows, I will always swatch the purple and neutral shades first. While shopping for the holiday collections of 2013, YSL Holiday 2013 Avenue Marceau palette immediately called out to me.

Don't you just feel happy looking at the case?

Opening out the case is just another happiness. I love the feminine mix of colour in this pan with a shimmery pink and almost white pale pink on the top row and a gold and purple shade on the bottom row.

Let's check out the swatches, shall we? In case you are not aware, YSL Avenue Marceau can be used dry or wet. I personally prefers to use my eyeshadows dry for hygiene reasons (I am paranoid that using a wet brush to dip into the pan will invite germs and bacteria) but for ladies who prefers the colours to stand out better, you have to use these shadows wet.
Swatches (dry)

When swatched dry, it takes quite a bit of effort for the pigmentation to stand out so the swatches above is very heavy. When using a brush, the intensity of the colour is very much reduced.

Swatches (wet)

The swatches above are using a brush which I had wet with MAC Fix+. Although the colour intensity came out similar to the picture above, it requires lesser effort and is with  brush instead of finger.

On a overall basis, I am quite happy with this palette that doesn't gives me any fallout. My only complaint would be the gold and purple shade which feels drier than the other 2 shades. I need to apply more of these 2 shades in order to get stronger colour intensity.


  1. looks good! too bad i'm not an eye make-up (or to that extent, any-make-up) user! haha

  2. These are such pretty colors, and the shimmer is just so pretty!! And the packaging…TOO CUTE!!! Hmmm… is it still available? LOL!!! :)

    1. Joy, it might be available, no harm checking it out. :)

  3. I am in love with this palette too, especially the purple shade.


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