Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lancome 'Warm' Holiday Beauty Collection - swatches

Happy Boxing Day! How have you spent your Christmas and are you still unboxing and tearing open your Christmas gifts? I had a simple and cozy dinner with a good friend at my place with simple dinner made by yours truly and I am glad the food turns out decent. Nothing beats having good company over a nice meal and we can just yank and yank non stop.

Today I would like to share a Lancome holiday set which was purchased over Nordstrom. I believe I bought it over a month ago and honestly I cannot remember the details (probably a purchase with purchase) except that this big box of beauty cost USD59.50. Let's unveil this set!

Lancome has 2 holiday beauty collection on sale over Nordstrom and they are differentiated by 'warm' and 'cool' colour tone. I opt for the warm set considering my warm colour tone. The items comes in a huge 2 tier make up pouch which is great for storing stuffs. So what do we have in this set:-

1) Blush in Sheer Amourose
2) 3 eyeshadows in Kitten Heel, Madison Avenue and Latte
3) 'Bi-Facil' Double Action Eye Makeup Remover
4) Advanced Genefique
5) Lipsticks in Pink to The Club and Sugared Maple
6) Juicy Tube
7) Mascara
8) Pencil eyeliner
9) 'La Base' Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer
10) All Over eyeshadow brush
11) Eyeliner brush

It is a pretty well valued set considering the stuffs that comes with in it.

Swatches from left to right: Pink to The Club (lipstick), Sugared Maple (lipstick), Juicy tube, Kitten Heel (eyeshadow), Madison Avenue (eyeshadow), Latte (eyeshadow), Sheer Amourose (blush)

After trying out the items, there are a few touch and go for me. 

1) Blush in Sheer Amourose
2) Eyeshadow in Kitten Heel (felt smoother than Madison Avenue & Latte)
3) Lipstick in Sugared Maple
4) Juicy Tube
5) Advanced Genefique (have been using it so this is great for travelling)
6) 'Bi-Facil' Double Action Eye Makeup Remover
7) Mascara

1) Lipstick in Pink to The Club (too frosty for my liking)
2) Eyeshadows in Madison Avenue and Latte (texture abit dry)
3) Pencil eyeliner (smudges on me)
4) All Over eyeshadow brush (I am too spoilt by good brushes from MAC and Hakuhodo)
5) Eyeliner brush (tip too big for an eyueliner, I felt)

Although I did not fall in love with all the products in this beauty set, USD 59.50 is definitely a good value set especially when you are purchasing stuffs and this set becomes an 'along the way' purchase. Otherwise, do take note of the shipping cost. :)


  1. The kitten heel eyeshadow looks gorgeous!!

    1. It is indeed gorgeous, Joy. It is my favourite among all!

  2. This is indeed a good value product babe! I love pink to the cloud lipstick when swatched, the rose gold sheen is gorgeous!

    1. Pink to the cloud looks pretty indeed, when swatched. And it felt more moisturising than sugared maple too. Only issue is it looks frosty on me, could be because I have pigmented lips

  3. Ahh this set does pack a lot of value! Glad you found more to love than the meh pieces!

  4. What a great value set! I saw the one they had at our local counters and was sorely tempted to get one for myself. By the time I decided to buy one, they were all sold out. Boo! I'm glad you found more yays than nays!

    1. Jacq, I think the set at our local counters seem better but it was sold out very quickly too.

  5. I got the Lancome Beauty Box last year and I wasnt quite impressed - esp w the quad! This year's quad looks super nice, though!


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