Thursday, November 28, 2013

Your fragrance story for this Christmas

Do you have a Christmas wishlist showing the presents that you would like to receive for this Christmas? I actually don't because I am a very random shopper but one thing for sure is that I always prefer practical gifts that I can use such as accessories, fragrances, body care products etc etc. I'm sure I am not the only practical lady here so it will definitely more meaningful to have personalised messages in the gifts to make the gift more meaningful.

If you are keen to get fragrances for your loved ones as gifts and yet unsure on what kind of fragrances they would like, you would be glad to know that P&G Prestige’s Quintessential Christmas Gift Guide, with their extensive fragrance range will definitely have something that you can find.

It would be interesting  to add in some fragrance facts in your personalised note as well and I especially think Note 4 below is interesting since it is something that I am not aware of until now.

Have you spotted your fragrance story this Christmas yet? :)

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