Wednesday, July 3, 2013

YSL Blush Radiance No. 6

YSL Blush Radiance in No. 6 is part of Project Swap which I had with hot mama, Jacq sometime back and I finally managed to blog about it, lazy lazy me. 

YSL Blush Radiance No. 6 is a matte bright pink shade that look pretty intense in the pan. Honestly, if you showed this blush to Ruby a few years back, I would not have thought I would touch it, especially so because it is matte as well. I have always have a preference for slight shimmery blush and it still holds true now.

Housed in a gold shiny case, it is a terrible fingerprint magnet. But considering that I don't bring it out for touch up, I can certainly love with it.

Pigmentation is impressive as you can see from the swatch below so you do want to go easy with the application initially and slowly build it up. It stayed on pretty well on my cheeks for about 6 hours in the horrible humid weather in Singapore.

I dug out some of the pink toned blush stash that I have and tried to do a comparison to be if YSL Blush Radiance No. 6 is dupeable. Here are the blushes I used.

And here are the swatches in the same order as above (under sunlight in the top shot and indoor in the bottom shoot).......
Burberry Peony and Illamasqua Unrequited looks more powdery candy pink and Paul n Joe Cheek Colour in No. 07 has a stronger coral tone. Tom Ford Wicked looks closest in comparison with the exception that it has shimmer whils YSL Blush Radiance No. 6 is matte.

Overall, I am very satisfied with YSL Blush Radiance No. 6 that I caved in and purchased it IMMEDIATELY when I saw that it was on sale on one of Sophia's blogsale! Yeah to good deal!


  1. Eeee I want this too, Ruby! It's not something I'd normally go after, but the pigmentation and texture look really good! Got to check it out soon :)

    1. Sunny, do let me know your thoughts after trying it out.

  2. Wow... it looks really pigmented!


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