Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ambush at Plaza Singapura

Starting from last week, I had a pact with my 2 sisters that we will meet up every Tuesday for a 'sistery gathering'. We will just meet up, have dinner, gossip and even shopping. Anything goes. So this week, we headed to Plaza Singapura for dinner and we ended in Ambush.

Located on level 4 of the new wing of Plaza Singapura, it is not difficult to locate it because it is right in the middle. It does not have a shop lot like others but it is still quite spacious in it. We decided to order an appetizer and a few main courses to share.
Our appetizer is rosti and it is yummy! The crust is nice and crispy and they sprinkled black pepper in it which gives it a nice mild hot taste to it.

My youngest sister decided to be adventurous and ordered baby scallop and fish roe pasta with squid ink. It does not look appetizing but is the tastiest among the 3 main courses that we ordered.

My second sister also chose a pasta dish and it's vongole. It's not bad too but comparing the 2 pasta dish, i personally find the squid ink pasta to be more flavourful. It will be nicer is there is some chilli in the vongole pasta to give the extra kick.

I decided to go for marinara paella because my youngest sis tried it before and said it is not bad. I personally didn't like it because it has too much tomato paste for my liking and was very sour. The best paella is still from Serenity *THUMBS UP*.

I am a fan of chai tea latte and saw from their menu that they have honey ginger chai tea latte. Ordered it and I can't taste any honey or ginger in it. Hmmm......

What best way to end a sister-y gathering with some shopping??? We headed to Lowry Farm and I saw this top that I really like. It was on discount at $49.90 when the original price is $89 *gasp*. I will not buy this top at $89.
My second sis commented that it will look nice with a nice necklace (did I mention she is an accessory queen) so I pulled her to Lovisa with me to get a necklace to match this top and I ended with 3 necklaces!

Nothing beats sister-y times!


  1. oohh the rosti looks yum!! I have never tried Ambush because of the long queue during dinner time. I will definitely try it :)

    1. Yah, give it a try and let me know how u like it.

  2. Thatis a lovely top and all those pretty accessories! Aw... so nice to have sister bonding, not that I know how it feels but its great that you and your sisters are so close. The squid ink pasta looks divine.

    1. Jacq, interestingly we always quarrel when we were younger. Now that we are older, we got closer.

      The squid ink pasta is indeed very tasty!


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