Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FIRST-IN-THE-WORLD LAUNCH: SK-II Unveils New Anti-Ageing Game-Changer - STEMPOWER Essence!

SK-II has been my reliable skincare brand for a few years and despite me wanting to try some new products out of curiosity, I have always switch back to SK-II because of the results that I can see and feel on my skin. Today SK-II introduces a new product to the anti-ageing family, SK-II STEMPOWER Essence.

Have you notice why some women look older / younger than their chronological age? I have and had always wondered other than lifestyle and food intake, is there any other reasons why women can look better than their chronological age.

SK-II also has the same question and thus conducted a study of over 10 years, whereby their scientists tracked the changes of skin’s youthful look in a holistic longitudinal study of 108 women between the ages of 16 and 74 in Akita, Japan. From the study, SK-II found by boosting inner skin resilience through activating our skin’s “Master Switch” (a key to activating our youth activity), women can now achieve a new peak in youthful beauty.

As we age, our skin loses its inner resilience, and results in our pores losing the power to close after sebum secretion. For young skin, pores close naturally after sebum secretion.
In collaboration with one of the world’s foremost authorities in skin cell function research, SK-II’s joint study unveils that turning on our skin’s “Master Switch” enables the protection of epidermal root cells, by optimising its environment. The result? Poreless-looking, bouncy skin.

The “Master Switch” lies within our epidermal root cells and is triggered when external or internal factors act on our skin. When our “Master Switch” is triggered, it causes the generation of anti-oxidants and activation of longevity gene; enhancing both protective and regenerative cell action. Switching on of our “Master Switch” also regulates our cell environment resulting in protein production to increase and enhance our inner cell density. This result of an increase in our skin’s inner cell density increases causes our cells to become plumper – an important factor in boosting our skin’s inner resilience.

Formulated with the new Stem-Acanax ES Complex, the new STEMPOWER Essence has been proven to improve the skin’s smoothness and lessen visible pores for poreless-looking bouncy skin. Upon application, the STEMPOWER Essence provides immediate efficacy of smoother skin texture and less visible pores.

When it is used over two weeks, it gives women poreless-looking bouncy skin, with a significant increase in the skin’s Pore-less Bouncy Index. The Pore-less Bouncy Index indicates the levels of the skin’s radical firmness that is measured by the SK-II Magic Ring counselling device.
The key ingredients in STEMPOWER Essence are: Artichoke extract, SK-II PiteraTM, Stem-Acanax and Kinren extract.

For ladies who are already using SK-II STEMPOWER, you might be wondering do you still need SK-II STEMPOWER Essence. The good news is when these 2 products are used together, the dynamic duo is able to provide:

  • Almost 200% increase in penetration of skin active ingredients than just the STEMPOWER alone
  • Almost 200% increase in hydration levels in skin as compared to using the STEMPOWER alone

SK-II STEMPOWER Essence Regimen
After applying the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Clear Lotion, drop an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) of SK-II STEMPOWER Essence onto the palm of your hand. Apply it smoothly onto the entire face, and add a few extra drops on concerned areas with a gentle knuckling motion.


  1. Interesting! I've never heard of this brand.

  2. Tell me how it works okay when my Genifique runs out I might try another.

    1. Jacq, sure thing! I'm still loving genefique.

  3. After all these years, i still love the Facial Treatment Essence!

    1. Same here, Joy. That is the one product that I will not switch away from.


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