Friday, July 26, 2013

Guerlain Madam Rougit

I am truly excited to blog about Guerlain Madam Rougit blush because I was initially hesitant to buy it after my terrible experience with Blush G Sakura. But after observing the colours in the pan from pictures online, I decided to try my luck by asking my kind colleague to check out Changi Airport DFS, and it is available! *my heart stopped*

Guerlain Madam Rougit is a gorgeous blush with different shades of pink and coral which is all that it takes to make me cave in and purchase it.

The white dots on the pan make the blush looks very cute and exquisite and they go off with a few swipe of the brush.

Similar to Blush G Sakura, it is housed in a plastic case with a brush stored in the lower compartment of the blush.

I was really dying to try out the texture since I am still recovering from the terrible texture and pigmentation of Blush G Sakura. After trying Madam Rougit out for the past few days, my confidence in Guerlain blush went back up again. The texture is smooth and my Koyudo / MAC blush brush easily pick up the pigments. Pigmentation is also decent enough to show up on my NC30 skin with a gentle swipe of the brush.

The picture below show the swatch of the different shade in the blush pan and lastly a blended swatch of all shades in the pan. I noticed all shades except the coral shade in the middle of the pan to be slightly shimmery BUT the good news is that it is not shimmery and frosty as Blush G Sakura, In fact, the shimmer is just enough to give you that glow.

I have been using Madam Rougit for the past few days since I got it from my colleague and it lasted me minimum 6 hours in the unforgiving, humid weather.

Madam Rougit is currently retailing at $77 at Changi Airport DFS and I am not sure if it is available over the counters but do check it out in person. It has made me a happy gal in this lousy week. :)


  1. wow it is perfect! it looks beautiful on you! I need it in my life!

  2. Oh my gosh, I want! It is so beautiful.

  3. This looks like one of the must-haves this season and it looks GREAT on you, Ruby! Definitely can't wait to finally see it! Maybe I'll have some luck at the airport!

  4. What a gorgeous blush!!! =) looks glowing on you!

  5. Wow, looking good! and the white pearl-like drops on the blush looks cute. :D

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous and it looks much better than the Rouge G Sakura! It doesn't look as shimmery but yet still pigmented. Ahh can't wait to get my hands on this :p


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