Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laura Mercier Cavier Stick in Amethyst

Ladies who always in a rush in the morning, stay alert here, haha. Laura Mercier Cavier Stick could just be your saviour for that super fast and lasting eyemakeup that you need in a jiffy!

Laura Mercier Cavier Stick is essentially a cream eye shadow in stick form. Given that it is in a stick form, it makes application extremely fast, simple and also precise. My first Laura Mercier cavier stick is in Amethyst.

The cream shadow is in a retractable stick that come up and down with a twist of the tube.

Amethyst is a beautiful taupe shade (did I mention taupe is my favourite colour??). I couldn't resist not getting this shade even though I have other taupe colours at home.

It is easy to apply on the eyeshadow as the texture is fairly smooth. After application, do not take too long to blend as once it sets, it will not be blendable. I noticed if I blend within seconds with my finger, it's still workable. So my tactic in applying the cavier stick is to apply abit, blend. Apply somemore, blend again. This way, I allow myself to build to the colour intensity that I want and still get to blend them properly.

I compared Laura Mercier Cavier Stick in Amethyst with Sephora Jumbo Liner in Taupe to see any differences in colour and texture. From the look of it, Amethyst (right) already look darker than Taupe (left).

Here's the swatches. Amethyst (left), indeed look darker than Taupe (right). Taupe also look more silverish whereas Amethyst look warmer.

During application, Sephora Jumbo Liner feels creamier and smoother but Laura Mercier is more budge-proof and long-lasting (Sephora Jumbo Liner actually last pretty well as you can read from my post here).

Here is my FOTD with Laura Mercier Cavier Stick in Amethyst. It was a very simple eye make up with Amethyst on the crease, slowly blended up and eyeliner. Super fuss- free and quick. (please pardon the lousy eyeliner application, was really in a hurry, haha)


  1. I think it looks stunning!

  2. I love the Caviar Sticks! My first was also Amethyst. My stash is growing because I have Sand Glow and Smoke coming my way.


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