Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dior Summer 2014 (Transat Edition) eyeshadow in Pavillon

I have to admit that I can be sometimes retarded in recognising a gem in sight. Honestly, I cannot believe how long I took to fall in love with Dior Summer 2014 (Transat Edition) eyeshadow in Pavillon.

Lately I have been going 'naked' on my eye makeup due to the morning rush so if I intend to do any eye makeup, my preference is to go simple with just a shade of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Pavillon came at a good time when I am looking for a nice, peach golden shade.

The intertwined tweed pattern on the pan looks so pretty that I can't bear to destroy it.

Ain't the shade gorgeous? Pavillon carries the right amount of peach tone that does makes my monolids puffy and the metallic golden tone looks so safe and subtle without looking too dramatic. If you like your shade to stand out stronger, just apply Pavillon with a wet brush. Texture is smooth and making it a breeze to pick up and apply the pigment on the lids.

Dior Summer mono eyeshadow does not come cheap at $50 for only 2.2oz of product but the quality and shade of Pavillon eyeshadow more than justify the price tag.


  1. Ooh that is pretty! I have been staying away from Dior shadows because somehow they don't get a lot of loe from me. But I can see why it is going to be a well loved shade. I love a good lid shade.

  2. Hey Ruby, I have this one and I LOVE IT! I was afraid it'd be too orange or something, but it's such a pretty rose gold! Great purchase for sure!

  3. what a beautiful shade! and the pattern is lovely as well:)


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