Saturday, June 14, 2014

Charlottle Tilbury Luxury Palette in The Uptown Girl

Other than Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess which I picked up, I also purchased The Uptown Girl in the same order. It is seriously difficult to just stick to 1 palette from this beauty line!

The Uptown Girl is a beige-grey combination palette which is almost as versatile as a neutral palette. I always felt it 's impossible to go wrong with this combination.

Similar to Golden Goddess that I reviewed earlier, the 4 shades are classified under 'Prime', 'Enhance', 'Pop' and 'Smoke'. My favourite has to be 'Prime' and 'Enhance' as they felt smoother than the other 2 shades.
From left  to right: Prime, Enhance, Pop, Smoke

I would say comparing Golden Goddess and The Uptown Girl, I would prefer Golden Goddess better as the shades in Uptown Girl is more frosty in comparison. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful palette that one can use for both day and night.


  1. I do like the color theme, but I think I'll end up having the same problem with my skin tone and the general frostiness of the quad! I would have loved to see different textures in the quad!

  2. I love Golden Goddess too, it will be the next CT palette I buy. I' not a grey person myself but the palette looks lovely.

  3. shame about it being frosty because the colors are stunning! Still haven't tried anything from the brand, but the eyeshadows are at the top of my wishlist ;)


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