Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Surratt Beauty.... just gorgeous

Thanks to online shopping again, I managed to score some items from Surratt Beauty from Barneys New York. You might be wondering what is this brand, and who is the founder so I googled it and found an interesting link on the founder, Troy Surratt.

Similar to brands like Addiction, Bobbi Brown, Inglot, Surratt Beauty allows you to create your own palette with the concept of mix and match. For those who are not willing to spend for the extra casing to house your eyeshadows and blushes, don't worry. The individual eyeshadow or blush comes with a plastic sliding cover which is pretty sturdy.

This is how my case looks like with 4 eyeshadow pans and 1 blush, perfect for travelling! One thing to note is that you have to stick double sided tape at the bottom of each pan so that it sticks to the case, as the pans are not magnets.

So what did I got for myself? I got blush in Ponceau and eyeshadows in Dore Rose, Ombre, Tyrian and Patine.
Ponceau (blush): Matte coral orangey
Dore Rose (eyeshadow): My favourite! Shimmery champagne gold
Ombre (eyeshaodow): Matte brownish taupe
Tyrian (eyeshadow): Satin finish in plum purple
Patine (eyeshadow): Shimmery dark taupe

I have to say the texture of Surratt blush and eyeshadow is very very GOOD. The blush is smooth and pigmented and I have been using Hakuhodo Yachiyo brush with it. Application of the eyeshadows is also a breeze because it is so easy to pick up the colour from the pan. It is almost as buttery as Burberry Beauty, Shu Uemura or SUQQU.

Price at USD 32 for a blush and  USD20 for an eyeshadow, the killer comes due to the extra shipping cost that has to be incurred to ship to Singapore. My suggestion is to pick this up if you happen to go to the States or if you have a few friends whom you can collate and share on the shipping cost.


  1. Addiction looks a lot like Surrat. What a beautiful palette you made for yourself Ruby! Dore Rose and Tyrian looks gorgeous.


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