Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spruce @ Phoenix Park

After completing my 2nd year with the current employer and stepping into the 3rd year, L and myself (we joined on the same day) decided to pamper ourselves by going for a nicer lunch. L, being a foodie went online and search for a place near our office and we eventually settled for Spruce.

Spruce is located at Phoenix Park, which is along Tanglin Road. A cozy place on a mini hill top and surrounded by trees and greens, it looks extremely relaxing and definitely a wonderful place for weekend brunch. I am soo going to ask BC to go Spruce for the weekend brunch!

The indoor area looks bright and white with many nice art pieces hanged on the wall. I like the relaxing greens of the outdoor area and we opt to sit outside since the weather was not too hot that day.

They do serve brunch menu but only on weekends and I was actually quite disappointed since I am a No. 1 brunch menu lover. Me and L decided to order 2 main course from their lunch and dinner menu to share. L chose Spruce burger (which is highly recommended by her friend which also seem extremely popular since we see a lot of patrons ordering it as well) and I chose Orecchiette, a pasta dish served with chopped prawns in zucchini and garlic cream.

In case you are wondering why is the Spruce burger and fries so small in serving size, I have to say the staffs there are very attentive to the customers. While placing our orders, L mentioned that we are sharing the food, they took the initiative to serve the burger and fries on 2 plates, this is what I called excellent service. :)

L saw her favourite cider and we decided to share a bottle. Although it has 4.5% alcohol content, we did not get drunk enough to be unable to work after lunch, haha.
And here I am posing like a silly gal!


  1. Babe you are so going to tell me how to go there, I want to go!

    1. Jacq, unfortunately I only know it's along Tanglin road. :)

    2. Hi Jacqueline, if you know how to go to Tanglin Road, Pheonix Park is right next to Kay Siang Road, where the old MOE HQ is located. :) Spruce happens to be one of my fav places too, so I just hopped over from your blog to read the review. :)


  2. I wanna go there and try the crab cake eggs benny! I heard it's good :)

  3. The brunch is really good! But the Q is horrible!


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