Monday, September 17, 2012

Forgotten haul.... Rouge Dior Serum De Rouge 580 Smoky Pink Serum

While rambling through my Muji drawers last week, I noticed a slim dark blue case hidden right at the end of the drawer. Wondering what treasure is that, I pulled it out and saw it to be a lovely lipstick that I bought 2 years ago (!!!!) which was left forgotten for the longest time! *slap forehead*

If my memory did not fail me, Rouge Dior Serum De Rouge seems to be an older formula as compared to the new Dior 'Serum de Rouge Crystal' Luminous Color Lip Treatment or Dior 'Serum de Rouge' Luminous Color Lip Treatment. The texture is smooth and moisturising without compromising the colour intensity. Lucky for me, as the lipstick is stored in a room where air con is switched on almost every night, I do not smell anything funky from it.

580 Smoky Pink Serum is a cool-toned mauve pink shade, and if I recall correctly was part of the autumn collection years ago. The slimmer than usual tip makes it really helpful to apply the product at the corners of the lips.

I love the colour intensity and moisturising shine from this lipstick and have been using it for the past 1 week. At the same time, I actually get a kick from the clicking sound when twisting the lipstick, sound so mechanical but I like it (weirdo, right???)

In comparison to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and Dior Addict, I would rank it in the following scale:-

- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine win hands down in terms of moisturising factor followed by both Dior Addict and Rouge Dior Serum De Rouge

- Rouge Dior Serum De Rouge is ranked higher in terms of colour intensity followed by Dior Addict and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine ranking last.

I hope you ladies have not forgotten any hauls that you made previously and it is definitely good for you to pull out your makeup drawer and take a good peek now. :)


  1. Nice purchase, Ruby! I love the Dior rouge serums. I owned one then completely finished it!

    1. Tracy, imagine this was purchased while we were still in the Taka office, so it was that long! Lol

  2. I can't believe you forgot about it :) The Rouge Serums feel wonderful on the lips I just wished the colour range was a little more exciting.

    1. Jacq, I know right??? Lol, thank goodness it was still wearable.

  3. I love this range! I have this one also and I love how moisturizing this is.


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