Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge - Summer Must-Haves

It's the time of the week to take part in Yumeko's Weekly Photo Challenge and the theme for this week is Summer Must-haves!

1. Base Makeup – [sunscreen,powder,foundation,bbcream, whatever you use in the heat/humidity of summer]

SPF, oil control and fuss free base makeup is my key criteria in this hot humid summer!

2. Point Makeup [blush,eyeshadow,whatever you use in the heat/humidity of summer]

Lately I have been keeping my workday makeup as simple as possible without any eye makeup. Waterproof mascara and simple powder blush is all I need. :)

3. Sunglasses/Hat/Anything you are wearing to block out the sun’s harmful rays

I am not a hat person so sunglasses is what helps me to protect myself and my eyes from the strong harmful rays.

4. Deodorant/Body Spray/Perfume [whatever you are using to make yourself smell good]

I hate the sticky feeling after sweating so anti perspirant spray and prickly heat powder is my daily must have before heading out.

5. Other must-haves for Summer

Other than water, tissue papers are a must have! I don't use facial blotters for my face and prefer simple trusted tissue papers. :)

Why don't you also join in the fun and show us your summer must-haves too!


  1. thanks for sharing your choices!
    never heard of prickly heat powder! is it cooling???

    1. Yumeko, prickly heat powder is a cooling body powder. I always feels fresh after applying it and it helps in soothing rashes too. :) I believe it is available only in SEA region.

  2. I've heard good things about the Clarins sunscreen, will need to check that out! Lovely sunglasses you have there!

    1. Haru, you really have to check out Clarins sunscreen, they are worth every penny, IMO. :)


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