Monday, August 27, 2012

Dior Fall 2012 Golden Jungle collection - let's crackle!!

I have seen many beauty bloggers blogging about the croc crackle nails from Dior 2012 Golden Jungle collection for a while now it seriously look lovely on ladies who have long nail beds. Unfortunately for me, my nail beds are naturally small thus it didn't cross my mind to get this beautiful nail polish since it is not cheap. But lovely juju bought it and immediately watsapp me and offer to give me a manicure when we meet up for brunch, always nice to have such a wonderful friend. :)

While juju gave me a simple manicure, she was explaining to me the various techniques and areas to take note when trying to get the lovely crackles to look like crocodile skin.

1) You have to apply the golden base and the khaki crackle coat immediately. Need not wait for the gold base to dry before applying the khaki crackle coat
2) Skip any base coat. It doesn't crackle with base coat
3) You need an ample amount of khaki crackle coat in order to get nice crackle. But if you get greedy and apply too much khaki coat, the crackle becomes not obvious

We experimented with the different methods to prove that this is true and below shows the outcome.
Starting from the pinkie from the top:-

1) You can see the crackle is not as obvious as the coat applied is the thinnest
2) The khaki coat is applied thicker on the ring finger and thus the crackle does not look as nice as well
3) This is the PERFECT croc nails! Just enough khaki top coat and mind you, it wasn't even over the golden base. We experiment by applying a beige Essie nail polish instead and it works fine
4) With a base coat..... this is the worse sight as the crackle effect just doesn't comes out.

In the experiment above, no base coat is applied for the first 3 fingers and only the middle finger is applied with Essie beige polish instead of the golden base.

After the experiment, it is time for the manicure and I got crocodile nails!

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  1. Hmm strange, I use a base coat with this set and don't have a problem with it! I've never tried it with a different base color though. I just enjoy the gold and khaki way too much!


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