Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ardent's Cafe @ Neil Road

This is another week of brunch outing again. I love brunch (so I can sleep in later) and I love all day breakfast because I can never get enough of scrambled eggs. The new place which I had explored last weekend is Ardent's Cafe at Neil Road.

The decoration of the cafe is actually not bad but I forgot to take picture of the place as I was busy chatting with juju and BC most of the time when we were there. It is actually quite cozy with big arm chairs and sofas or normal dining table. The 3 of us ordered different food from the menu they are taste quite nice.

I shared a Big Breakfast and mascapone and nutella pancakes with BC. By ordering Big Breakfast, we get to choose 5 ingredients ranging from eggs, ham, bacon, snail sausages, smoked salmon, potato balls, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, roasted beef, turkey ham with toast and salad. I like the flexibility of mixing and mataching what I want in my breakfast. We chose 2 portions of eggs (scrambled, of course), snail sausage, turkey ham and potato balls. The eggs is nice and smooth but could be a bit more salty (as it was quite plain) and the snail sausage has cheese oozing out which is quite nice. I like the potato balls because it is something different from the usual hash browns.

We had a surprise with the mascapone and nutelle pancakes as it came looking like pancakes with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. But the chocolate ice cream is actually nutella mixed with mascapone. It taste really rich and goes very well with the pancakes. However, for me who doesn't have sweet tooth, we couldn't finish the nutella spread at all. It was served with maple syrup and some pureed kiwi (i think) which we hardly touched since the nutella spread is all we need.

Juju ordered a baked omelette which looks quite interesting. It has tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus and I think ham in it? I had a taste of it and it has a slight tangy taste from the tomatoes.

Ardent's cafe has a very interesting man-made grass area as their outdoor area. It has swing and some outdoor tables and chairs for outdoor dining which is quite nice. Unfortunately I did not managed to take any pics as it was raining when I wanted to. But if you are interested to see more pics of their cafe and outdoor area, you can check out Beatrice's blog posting here and juju's posting here.

I have no complaints about the food at Ardent's and in fact I like their all day breakfast menu. But I certainly has issue with the service staff there. When we arrive at Ardent's, we were the first customer and there were only a female staff there. Her service attitude is really bad..... She doesn't smile, and when we ask her question about the option of choosing 2 portion of eggs in our Big Breakfast, she was impatient in explaining to us and answered in a tone like we were idiots. Seriously, I am put off by it. I'm ok with no smiles because I don't smile as much too but as a service staff, it is important to take note of your tone when talking to your customers, isn't it? If I know everything about your menu and cafe, why would I bother to ask you??? For someone from a country whom I know ALOT of friendly people, I think she really need to self reflect.

Nonetheless, for brunch fans, I would still recommend this place to you for your enjoyment of their food but I will be praying for you that you do not get the lousy service I exprienced.

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  1. Aw... I hate lousy service, I won't go even if the food is good.


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