Friday, October 9, 2009

I confess that I am a sucker for kitties, be it kitten or adult cats. Even though alot of people tell me they are not loyal and very arrogant, I just like them. I like them for minding their own business, I like it that they don't overeat and only eat when they are hungry and I like it that they will manja with me when they want my attention. I do not understand why some people can be so cruel to do horrible things to these cats. Honestly, I think they really are just minding their own business and at the same time trying to find some food and staying alive. Is there a need to call the relevant authorities to put them down? Hiaz.

Anyway, I saw this cute kitty sleeping on it's cute bed while coming back from lunch. Seeing how it is sleeping peacefully, I missed my kitties at home now!!!!!

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