Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horrible Wed

Today is just horrible...... I started my day with a fell when I left my home and walking down the steps to the 1st floor! I actually slipped and fell down a few steps along the staircase just outside my house. WTH....... I ended up with a bruised right thigh, skin torn on my right elbow and a super swollen and bruised right little pinkie! Look at my pinkie!!! It's swollen beyond description.......... it's red on 1 side and I turn over, there is a patch of dark purplised area... Now I even have difficulties bending this pinkie....... *sob sob*

You know what was the best part??? After I fell, the first thing that I actually did after composing myself on the stairs was to check that my Miu Miu is unscratched! Hahaha.


  1. OMG! i jst read your blog entry.. hope everything's going fine with you now...

    And ya the part abt the bag is jst classic. I think i'd have done the same too, we slaves to the bags. Hahaha

  2. the finger still hurts abit, thanks!


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