Sunday, December 21, 2008

My birthday

I have to admit that this year, I enjoyed myself better on my birthday as compared to the prior few years. Perhaps it is because I told BC SPECIFICALLY how I want to spend my birthday and what present I want for my birthday (honestly he sucks at surprises, never fail to NOT surprise me, haha).

Celebration starts on the evening before the actual day with a simple fare at East Coast Hawker Centre. Ever since I have shifted to my own place, I have not been there for food and I seriously miss the food there...... fried prawn noodles, satays, fried oyster omelette etc. Taxi fare was a killer though given that we don't drive and I don't like the hassle of changing buses, trains etc etc but it was still an enjoyable meal with all my favorite food.

Met BC after his work yesterday and we had lunch at Lucky Plaza. A small, old store that sells excellent roast meat noodles and hor fun and is constantly crowded was not so crowded yesterday. After which is shopping for my birthday present!!!! The best part of my birthday itineary. Stepped into Tiffany & Co and it was crowded!!! I don't see economic recession in this shop along with Coach and LV boutiques (people are queueing to go in and swipe their plastics). Finally got my Eternal Circle necklace, the one which I have been eyeing for a few months. Tried on other designs like bean, tear drop and open heart and still the Eternal Circle looks best. Now it's BC's turn to swipe his plastic, hahahaha.

Tiffany's Eternal Circle necklace :)

Caught 'Twilight' after the shopping and this show is seriously a romance show. Action was minimal and most of the scenes were just depicting the attraction between the male and female lead. But I have to admit that the male lead, Robert Pattinson is really quite cool looking in the show, abit too fair for me though, but then he is a vampire, so...... maybe that's why he is so fair.

The Cullen family looks good!

Our dinner was chocolate buffet at Fullerton Hotel and it is seriously not very much worth the $48+++. Well, it's basically just desserts and I need some salt in my dinner!!! Told BC that I CANNOT just have desserts for my dinner and we order a simple ham and cheese pizza as our main course. I ended up enjoying the pizza better than all the chocolate desserts since I am more of a salt than sugar person. But they serve excellent hot chocolate there! They have a variety of of different chocolate in different concentration of cocoa and different flavoured chocolate as well. We tried orange & rum, hazelnut and 60% cocoa and my favourite is 60% cocoa since I like my chocolate slight bitter with a tinge of sweetness. The ambience was wonderful with the christmas decorations and live piano at the background, it was truly a relaxing experience...... :)

The nice ambience at Fullerton Hotel

The decoration on our table

My hair looks neat right??? The power of the hair straightener! Hahaha

60% cocoa drink

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  1. so 'xing-fu'!!! gah!! hehe

    hope you've had an enjoyable birthday!! *jealous*


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