Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lee Jun Ki

For no apparent reason, I seem to be crazy over Lee Jun Ki, the korean male actress who acted in 'The King And The Clown', 'My Girl' and 'Time between Dog and Wolf'. People always say that he looks like a woman but who cares!!! I find him damn cute lor. Haha.

Lee Soo Young - Grace (Part 1)

Lee Soo Young - Grace (Part 2)

Lee Soo Young - Secret (Final part of the trilogy)

This MTV is damn touching even though I don't know what they are singing!!!

Seems that Jun Ki got blind during his lab experiment and the short-hair girl sacrificed her eye to Jun Ki. That's why when the short-hair girl cries, Jun Ki knows. The long-hair girl meets Jun Ki, and they fall in love. However, as Jun Ki owes an eye of the short-hair girl, they don't end up together. The balloon scene and the kiss at the forehead at the end are the only thing Jun Ki can give and their love ends with a fight. Have to watch this 3 MTVs to understand better. :)


  1. yes i like him too!! but yah he really looks very girly and actually eyes are super small like Rain's. But he's so much better. Hahahaha.

  2. He is my FAVOURITE now!!!! hahahaha.


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