Friday, March 14, 2008

Sky Of Love

Watched this movie with J this evening and it's another one of those sweet first and true love story of 2 teenagers. Obviously a tear jerking show and guess what? There is actually someone in the cinema who cried until quite jialat! Needless to say, someone died in this show and this show is really touching that I couldn't control my tears as well.

This kind of sweet first love can really ONLY exist in shows. I hardly believe such sweet love exist in real life. Maybe because I have never seen first love in real life developing into something concrete like a happily ever after story that's why I think it doesn't exist. But on the other hand, it also seems that first love seems to not be something that we can 拥有, it's meant to be kept in the memory 'bank' and for us to think back when we are older. I think I am too practical to experience the sweetness of first love, haha.

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