Monday, March 24, 2008

Last weekend was serious nuahness........ Other than went mass on Good Friday and Easter, it's basically nuah day and anime day for me. Caught up with Saiunkoku Monogatari and completed season 1 and now I am half way there in season 2! Yeah! It's really touching at some episodes that it brought tears to my eyes.

Sometimes I really find that my life is terribly boring. It's basically sleep, work, back home, watch TV and sleep. Even weekends are just wake up, maybe movie, watch TV, and church. Going out on weekends is a killer for us as we cannot cannot stand crowds. Singapore is so smaller and the population (whether is it in born or 'foreign talents') are is growing and growing. What the hell.......... as if we have more than enough space for ourselves to do the things we want. I would love to go the beach sometimes but transport is an issue for us. East Coast is far for us and West Coast is just not accessible. Hiaz........ I hate this place sometimes. My families and friends are here but the lifestyle just sucks! I wonder how long can I tahan here.

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