Monday, March 10, 2008

I miss my weekend........ and today is only Monday. I have to wait for another 4 more days before I can even smell the weekend. Hiaz......

It has been a tiring weekend for me. The part time maid did not come for cleaning thus I have to do my own cleaning. It's tiring but at least I felt that I exercised abit, haha. Did the usual vacuuming and mopping and changed and washed the curtains. The curtains are so dirty!!!! Yucks...... I actually had to soak the curtains for a while, scrub them slightly and double wash in the washing machine before the dirt and dust comes off. The climbing up and down of the ladder is really a good workout, I actually had sore thighs the next day!!! But it was coupled with some slight soreness at the back, luckily the pain of my old injury at the back did not come, otherwise I would be bedridden for the rest of the weekend.

BC said some women can hold proper job but cannot do housework, some can do housework but cannot hold proper job but at least I can hold a proper job and also do housework. I actually felt proud when he made that statement and in a way, I do have a sense of 'achievement' when I cleaned the house by myself on Saturday while BC was out. Sometimes I find that I am quite 'fan jian', if I do the housework by myself, I felt a sense of achievement but I feel tired after that. But if BC does help me, somehow I find him more of a hindrance than help. That's why in conclusion, having a part time cleaner is still the best. 90% of the time can get her to clean, the remaining 10% I can clean if I am in the mood to clean. Hahaha.

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