Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dior Trianon Collection for Spring 2014 - Rouge Dior in 531 Rose Crinoline and Nail Vernis in 457 Bouquet

Spring is finally here and many collections have been launched by various brands. Our pocket is definitely screaming 'HELP' here but I simply cannot resist some of the items. Today's post is to share the 2 items that I purchased from Dior Trianon Collection for Spring 2014: Rouge Dior in 531 Rose Crinoline and Nail Vernis in 457 Bouquet.

Rouge Dior in 531 Rose Crinoline was a choice, courtesy of my man. He love the light nudish coral which is really quite pretty.

Rose Crinoline is almost non-existent on my natural pigmented lips, except for the tinge of light shade. Disappointingly, the beauty on the swatch disappears when I apply it on my lips. :(

Since it looks lighter than my natural lip colour, it is important for me to exfoliate my lips before application (which I clearly did not do it from the lip swatch below). The texture is smooth and non drying but for me with dry lips, it would definitely be better to apply some lip balm before application. The lasting power of Rouge Dior is around 4 hours, after a cup of coffee and sandwich for breakfast which is quite decent.

Next up in my purchase from Dior Trianon Collection is nail vernis in 457 Bouquet. This nail vernis is actually the main item that I wanted to purchase. I simply cannot resist the pink coral shade. Love it!

As you can see below, Dior's Rouge Dior in Rose Cironline and Nail Vernis in Bouquet are also 'Eden-approved'. My princess knows her stuffs too!!


  1. Hey Ruby, I'm so sorry to hear Crinoline doesn't work too well on you! Bouquet is adorable though! So happy to see a pic of Eden! She is gorgeous! Also, it's strange, but here in the house only the girls are ever interested in my makeup! Tango never looks at it!

    1. Sunny, I'm glad that Bouquet is a pretty shade but when it comes to Crinoline...... perhaps I need to tone down my lip colour with some concealer before applying?

      Boys will be boys! Lol!!! My boys only gets attracted to food.

  2. It is so cool that Eden approves of your makeup! what a princess. Babe I think both of us need to wear either brighter or darker shades. I probably can't make Crinoline work on me too even though it looks like such a pretty shade.

    1. you are right, Jacq. I think we need brighter or darker colours too. i still haven't been able to bring myself to wearing red to work. haha.


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