Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Collection: Cream Blush in Intonation and Glossimer in Sonate

Another Spring Collection that I can't miss is definitely Chanel. In fact, me and Jacq has been eyeing this collection for a while and during our Jo Malone date, both our pockets are burnt by Chanel too! Lol. I have picked up cream blush in Intonation, lip glossimer in Sonate, eyeshadow quad in Quadrille and Illusion D' Ombre in Diapason.

I will leave the posting on the eye products in another post after playing more with them so let's talk about Intonation and Sonate this round!

Intonation is a limited edition shade from the cream blush collection and honestly the strong coral shade in the pan does scare me off abit. But after swatching over the counter, I was drawn to the coral shade. After blending, it certainly does not look as scary as I thought.
From left to right: Heavily swatched, blended

Initially I did think that Intonation is very close to Revelation which I already own so I made a comparison swatch below.
From left to right: Revelation, Intonation

You can see from the swatch above that Revelation is lighter with more brown tone. One thing which I thought is worth mentioning is that I did notice that my Revelation does look drier than Intonation. I do suspect it is due to usage and exposure to air? Not sure if anyone of you has the same experience as me, I would love to hear about it.

Next up on this post is lip glossimer in Sonate. Like I mention before, I am more of a lipstick gal BUT Sonate is soooo gorgeous that I have to have it!!

When applied to the lips, it made my lips look glossy and  very very slight redder (I have concluded it is almost impossible to let ANY gloss stand out on my pigmented lips, ha!). Good thing about Chanel glossimer, it doesn't feels sticky like MAC lipglass, which is great.

I will look into posting on the eye products that were purchased as well so do stay patient with me. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts about the Chanel Spring Collection!


  1. Ahhhh I shouldn't buy more cream blushes for a while, but I do really want Intonation! I don't think the Chanel cream blushes I own have dried out (at least they work equally well on me now then before), but I do think they could have put it in a more air-tight packaging!

  2. Your swatches of Intonation is so gorgeous Ruby, I'm so glad I was there to watch you buy them. My things are here but sadly my Diapason suffered the same state as my Initiation. Must remember not to order Illusion dorms online :(


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