Wednesday, October 30, 2013

USA hauls

A few friends have been asking me the amount of make up items I hauled during my USA trip and my honest opinion is 'not much'. I left most of my make up shopping to my last stop in San Francisco which is a huge mistake. I don't see any Sephora and the brands that I was keen to get stuffs from such as Tom Ford has only perfumes and lipsticks. Not to mention that the 8.75% of refundable tax is quite a put off so.......

Other than Frivole which I purchased from San Francisco Airport, below are the make up hauls I got from airport and drugstores. The variety of drugstore brands such as Revlon, Covergirl, Maybelline etc is really good there. The range of shades available just made me green with envy.

A memento for my USA trip, I decided to get some Pandora charms for my bangle. Added a Statue of Liberty charm (representing USA) and 2 flower clippers so that the charms will not go all over the place when I wear it.

As I got the job offer that I wanted towards the end of this trip, I decided to splurge on myself by getting a Hermes clic clac in white. So in love with this baby, simple and chic! I heard that Singapore is retailing this at about S$1k and I paid US$610 at San Francisco airport. That's really some savings there.

A lot of other stuffs were bought in Las Vegas premium outlets, and miscellaneous places such as M&M's World and the stuffs are here inside my messy luggage. Don't worry peeps, I finally got down to unpacking it last weekend after 3 weeks. Lol!!


  1. great haul! congratulations on getting a new job:)

  2. don't worry, can do make-up shopping the next time we go to japan!!

  3. Wah your haul is awesome even though it is not mostly makeup related.

  4. Heh not every great haul has to be makeup related! Your Clic Clac looks fabulous! Congrats on your job offer =)

  5. I would love to visit another country and pick up some goodies while there! haha I love everything you got, especially the Pandora charms.

  6. Ruby, it's great to see you again after a while :)
    Look at your hauls! Beautiful pandora and clic clac bracelet dear!
    Congrats on your new job offer!


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