Monday, October 28, 2013

Make Up For Ever Blue Sepia Palette

I'll be honest with you when it comes to eye makeup, I am NOT adventurous. I work in an environment whereby 60% of the ladies do not even apply makeup. Thus, I always tend to tone down on what I am putting on my face so as to not bring attention to myself. However for ladies who like your neutrals and also the flexibility to kick some ass, do take a look at Make Up For Ever Blue Sepia Palette.

What would Blue Sepia palette be without a blue shade?? You can see a nice dark turquoise blue right in the middle of this palette.
Swatches below:-

I'll be honest, I do not think this palette have the best texture (once again Burberry and Urban Decay beats hands down). The black shade especially feels the driest. BUT I love using this shade as a eyeliner. If you are like me having mono-lids and like non-defined eyeliners sometimes, this shade is perfect. It can almost give you that subtle smokey look.

Pigmentation of Blue Sepia palette lives up to MUFE's name. I have tried using it with and without primer and both works fine. The colours come out stronger with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance and without any primer, it stays on fine and fading off lightly after approximately 4 hours of wear. Jacq did a few looks using this palette which looks amazing, do check it out. :)

I'm not sure if Sephora still carry stocks for this palette but for ladies who are keen, MUFE Blue Sepia palette is retailing at $75. 

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  1. Hey Ruby, I like this mostly-neutral palette with a pop of color! Too bad the quality isn't top-notch though! I haven't really tried any MUFE eyeshadows, but I have swatched some. In general they seem pretty good, so maybe it's a palette thing?


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