Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Fitting Mask

Thanks to, I have to chance to review more Lovemore masks this round and the packaging is mad cute! My Melody!!! So here we have Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Fitting Mask.

I was provided with both moisturizing (blue) and whitening (pink) to try and review.

I am personally impressed with the new 3D fitting mask as it is different from previous 3D mask that has loops that you loop over your ears. Those design doesn't work well for me as I have a round and broad face, thus the loops end up at the side of my face and not able to reach my ears. Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D masks on the other hand is designed to contour-fit your face (imagine your palm over your face) and it covers snuggly over your face and jaw. I love it because this is the only 3D mask that works for my not-too-small face. :) Do you know the contour fit of the mask is also design to absorb the essence optimally?

Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Fitting Mask: Moisturizing (blue)
Honestly, I have never fully comprehend how a product can be oil control and moisturising at the same time. But after using this mask, I think I am enlightened, haha. If you are someone with oily, combination skin that it is prone to dryness on skin surface, you will know it is super tough to find a suitable moisturiser that properly moisturise and yet not cause your skin to be oily and sticky. Imagine that on Lovemore My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask. The mask is soaked with essence that provide all the moisturizing goodness without you having to hold a bowl beneath your face to hold the dripping essence. After 15 - 20 minutes is over and the mask is removed, essence is lightly patted into my skin, I don't have the irritating sticky sensation at all. At the same time, my skin feels plump and moisturized. Really love this mask!

Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Fitting Mask: Whitening (pink)
Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Fitting Mask in pink colour is whitening and it has the same oil control properties of the blue mask. Similar to the blue moisturising mask, my skin doesn't feel sticky and oily after removing the masks. It also look fresher and slightly brighter due to the Vitamin C present in the mask.

If you ladies are interested to try these masks, has them on sale at $2.90 each (usual price $3.90) hereTo find out more about and the masks available, do join their Facebook page!

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Disclosure: The product in this review is sent by the company for my review and consideration. All opinions stated are my own honest views and no compensation is received for this review.


  1. These are so adorable! I love My Melody and it's too bad they don't have these in the US.

    1. The packaging is so cute to entice people to give it a try :)

  2. I also love the masks after trying it :)

    1. Janice, not only is the fit really good, I really feel fresher after using it.

  3. Same here! I don't really like the old 3D fitting masks, they really do not fit well...

    1. Same for you too? I thought it was because my face is too big.


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