Sunday, December 16, 2012

All Day Breakfast at Robert Timms

This is yet another post on food, haha. But it has been a while since I lasted posted on food isn't it? BC and myself actually stopped hunting down places to eat over the weekends because he is either busy with work or we are too lazy and tired to find new places and just settle for the normal, boring, usual places near our places. So yesterday, we decided to head down to Robert Timms at Wheelock Place for brunch before he head off for work while I meet up with J.

The last time Robert Timms caught our attention, it was unfortunately packed and we were not able to get a table as we did not make a table reservation. This time, we make a table reservation a day before and thus we got a nice table in the indoor area.

The All Day Breakfast menu is pretty extensive from french toast, american breakfast, eggs benedict and cereals. Price seems pretty decent between 12 - 19 (depending on the dish you chose) and from the pictures, it certainly look enticing as well.

BC ordered a french toast with fresh fruits while I opt for sausage with scrambled eggs croissant. There is a choice to choose between plain croissant and multi grain croissant. I chose the plain one because eating a multigrain one sounds weird in my opinion. Haha.

BC was not happy with his french toast because honestly, he has HIGH expectation of what a french toast should be. To him, french toast should have eggs soaked right through the bread and not just sitting on the surface of the bread. Robert Timms' french toast was unfortunately the latter. My sausage with scrambled eggs croissant was normal, but the scrambled eggs taste more like bite-sized omelette. I am fine with the taste but I still feel the eggs at Hatched win hands down.

BC enjoyed his skinny latte very much because it was frothy and strong, just what he need before his work on a Sat. My russian earl grey tea taste weird........ it taste more like burnt tea leaves in a pot with hot water added and was bitter to the max. Despite me adding sugar to the tea (which I usually was able to drink my tea without milk and sugar), it still taste bitter. So thumbs down for the tea.

But despite the food which I thought was normal, I have to praise their service. Their serving crews are attentive and polite which is a super plus, in my opinion. I probably will not head over for the breakfast menu and russian earl grey tea, but I would certainly want to try their desserts or coffee. :)

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  1. Yes I agree too that french toast should be the 'soaked-through' kind otherwise the inside will just taste bland and plain! Lol. But the pictures do look pretty good though!


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