Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ettusais BB Mineral White

How's everyone doing? If you are reading this post, I just want to thank you for not forgetting this little blog of mine and sorry for the long silence. Life has caught up on me and everything was just crazy. There is literally not much 'me time' for myself that I can just not do anything.

Today, I would be sharing my thoughts on Ettusais BB Mineral White which is a newer BB cream than Ettusais' BB Mineral Cream (highly raved on the blogosphere). There is a good reason why I love BB cream and the answer is SPEED. I am always in the rush in the morning because I am a lazer (love lazing in bed and snoozing my alarm). By the time I get out of my bed, I will realise that I am getting late. Coupled with 4 fur kitties who will demand their breakfast to be served and toilets cleaned, there is seriously not much time left for me to pamper my face before leaving for work. BB cream is a godsend because not only I get to give my skin some skin benefit, I can also skip sunblock, makeup base and foundation and just replace it with 1 step. Isn't that great??

For ladies like me who whine about BB cream too fair or grey on their skin tone (despite being told that BBcream blends into your skin tone), you will be happy to know that Ettusais BB Mineral White comes in 3 shades: 10, 20 and 30. For my NC30 skin, 30 is the shade for me.

The texture is light and easier to blend with fingers or brush but I prefer using my fingers as the warmth of the finger somehow makes the blending smoother and easier. After blending into my skin, it looks matte and natural. It feels smooth, non sticky with a semi matte finish and I will usually brush a light layer of Laura Mercier translucent powder to set it and make it last longer. Coverage is sheer to medium and it's buildable, although I personally do find it looking slightly chalky if I over apply. Staying power? Good!!! Typically last me approximately 6 hours until I need to blot.

I did ask the SA on what is the difference between Ettusais BB Mineral White and BB Mineral Cream and she said the former makes you look more radiant. I swatch over the counter and at first look I do not feel any difference between the 2, so pardon me if I can't comment anything on the differences. For ladies who tried both BB Mineral White and BB Mineral Cream, do let me know your thoughts. :)


  1. I tell you something silly, I have gotten so use to my routine of moisturiser, sun block, primer and foundation that it is almost therapeutic for me. Helps me to face my day head on. Unfortunately I don't have luck with bb creams, they never really match my skin tone unless I apply the sheerest layer. Even with my old Dior BB cream I have to apply the tiniest bit

    1. I can imagine for me, who is fairer than you, having prob with shades of BB cream, it would b tougher for u.

  2. Hi Ruby,
    I like both Ettusais BB Cream =)
    Both have a different finish and am currently loving the Mineral White, so fresh throughout the day but I must say the oil control on myself is so-so. The original BB Mineral lasts better too - and when I have the time, I mix both!!
    Happy Sunday xx

  3. It seems to blend quite nicely into your skin--I'd be curious to try this one. Usually, I find them to look too pink in swatches but this one actually seems warm-toned and therefore more natural on me!

    1. The 3 shades are yellow based so you can give it a try. :)


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