Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We organised a mini christmas party at our place today and invited our families over for a simple fare. My MIL brought her fried mee siam and kueh pati and my mum brought a strawberry cheesecake and cream puffs. To make things simple, we only prepared mini sausages and mash potatoes. It was a simple meal but a cozy event since it's only our families with us. We had a good time chatting and catching up that we did not realise time flies.

After our simple party, we had to head to BC's cousin's place for her xmas party and I was total drenched!!!! The stupid heavy rain just poured and poured when just 1 hour ago was bright and shiny. The roads were slightly floated and while walking to the place from the bus stop that we alighted, I was drenched from head to toes (yes, my hair, top and berms were wet lor!!!). Just as I thought I am reaching the entrance of her condo (yuppies!!!!), my worst nightmare came....... The pavement that we were walking on suddenly was on a decline and thus the water level became higher and higher, I was in knee high level of water and dry leaves and I really wanna cry lor! What the hell....... I actually arrived in his cousin's place looking like a wet animal and had to take a warm shower at her place and temporarily wear her over sized T-shirt and shorts while her maid iron my wet clothings....... Damn, what a way to end the day........

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