Friday, December 18, 2009

KL 16 - 18 Dec 2009

I finally get to go on a holiday!!! Yeah!!! I think my last holiday was........ last year and it's...... Batam? This time we decided to go on a short trip to KL. My usual experience of taking a coach for hours has not been very nice since the seats are cramped BUT nowadays the seats are getting more comfortable and wide with individual entertainment system. I managed to watch a few movies on the trip back and forth (Moonchild, The Boleyn Sister, Wedding Game) and even some episodes that I miss of Korean Boys over Flowers.

First meal upon arriving KL...... was at a food court at Lot 10 Shopping Centre. We left our hotel (Dorsett Regency) and wanted to make our way to Sungei Wang. As we walk blindly, following our instincts, we realised that Sungei Wang is actually not that far and our hotel is actually pretty accessible to major shopping centres. Anyway, before reaching Sungei Wang, we arrived at Lot 10 and decide to check it out first. The much raved Hokkien fried noodles is actually available here in the foodcourt but...... the taste is just so so. I seriously think those authentic shops at Jalan Alor should be able to cook much better than this.

After Sungei Wang (and purchasing my year supply of contact lens at half the price as compared to Singapore), we made our way to KL Pavilion and made our way to Golden Village cinema. Wah....... 2 tickets for RM16, gosh.... that is so so much cheaper than the tickets in Singapore. We decided to watch 'Couples Retreat' and it's funny and meaningful at the same time. BC and myself felt this KL trip is also like a retreat for us, haha.

 The not so nice Hokkien fried noodles at Lot 10 foodcourt

Boneless chicken as appetizer in TGI Friday restaurant

My fish & chips

BC and his yummy bacon cheeseburger!

The next day, we thought of checking out KL twin tower since we are in KL. When we reach Peronas Twin Tower at 1030am, we realise that tickets for going up twin tower are free and are issued starting 830am and is on a first come, first served basis, so obviously we did not get to go up the tower. KLCC is huge but it is crowded with tourists and honestly it spoiled our shopping mood. Ended up we went for foot reflexology with shoulder, neck and back massage for 1 hour 15 mins and we head back to hotel for a short afternoon nap, haha. I think BC and myself are lazy tourists who doesn't like to chiong chiong all the way when holidays as it is so tiring........

We did not really shopped much as some of the stuffs are about the same price as Singapore but some sale are really at good deal like 70% discount. BC bought some good shirts that were going at 70% discount so about S$20+ per shirt! Cheap right??? I also bought 2 pair of shoes at about $15 - $30. I think we spent most of our money EATING!!!!

Interesting egg tarts (white = egg white, brown = coffee, yellow = durian)

Banana cupcake

Baskin Robbins! Why are they not available in Singapore???

Giant donut at the cafe of our hotel


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