Monday, November 23, 2009

Time really flies and Christmas is coming again! I love the atmosphere of Christmas, it just feels so warm and peaceful (except for the shopping crowds in Orchard who are using this season as an excuse to pump money back into the economy, hahaha).

I still remember spending Christmas eve in Sydney 8 years ago. Although it was summer in Sydney then, but it still feels great! Parents are buying new clothings and toys for their children and adults are buying presents for their families. I wish I have a chance to spend my Christmas overseas and this time, I want a WHITE christmas!!!! With real snow and not the bubble foams at Tanglin Mall! Haha.

Caught 'A Christmas Carol' in 3D last Sat and it was good! Sometimes we get caught up with ourselves in this materialistic world that we forgot we have family and friends with us, it's really sad. I especially feel deeply for Scoorge's clerk, Bob whom despite the ill treatments that Scoorge's gave him, still wish him well for Christmas and even cried for him when Scoorge saw into the future. I do not think I can be as big hearted as Bob as more often then not, I am cursing and swearing at the ass holes in office. But this movie really shows the true meaning of Christmas: The Season of Giving.

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