Monday, November 16, 2009

I never fail to bring back home made food whenever I go over to my parents' place. I will always let my mum knows before hand when I am coming back to make sure they are at home (sometimes my parents also go par tor one, so must book before hand, hahahah!).

Pre-ordered a corn coup with my mum and she also made some home made sushi and blueberry cheesecake on Sat! Soup is yummy as usual...... I loved my mum's soup, light but flavourful! I do not usually cook soup as BC is not quite a soup person. Brought back some of the home made sushi (with fillings such as tuna, crab meat, egg, pickles, cucumbers) and me and BC finished the sushi as supper. We saved the best for the last, blueberry cheesecake! My mum made a few different version of cheesecake and this version is the best so far! Sufficient cheesy taste but not too much with a slight sourish taste from lemon juice and zest coupled with fresh blueberries. What else can I ask for more??? This is heavenly!

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