Friday, October 19, 2007

Bridal photoshoot

Today is the day of our bridal photshoot. To prepare for this day, I literally 'suffered' the night before. Even though I was hungry, I don't dare to eat because I'm afraid of bloatedness. Even though I was thirsty, I don't dare to drink too much water because I was scare of water retention and have puffy eyes. Even though I was super tired, I have to do my sheet mask to make sure my skin is supple and hydrated the next day. Luckily I was able to sleep because for one reason or another, I was deadbeat. Haha.

Arrived at Z Wedding at 10am and the 'ritual' starts. Thick makeup, changing of 5 outfits and hairstyles......... The photographer commented that me and BC are abit stiff initially, like taking passport photos! Haha. But a few shoots, we start to be abit used to how we need to pose, where to put our hands and all.

Thank God that today was not a rainy day and it was not extremely hot also. We headed to this 'wu lo' place at Alexandra to take pictures of greenery and there were also a few couples who were there. Walking up and down the slope in heels is really no joke. Luckily my outdoor heels is only $26.90!!!! Our next destination was somewhere at Queensway, to take along the railway tracks...... also another couple there. Pose, pose, pose, smile, smile, smile, then it's towards Sentosa for the pictures of the beach!

By the time we reach back Z wedding at 615pm, me and BC are tired and dehydrated........ Luckily out photographer is someone who takes pics that are nice and necessary and not those who kept snapping like no tomorrow and end up confusing the couples to choose so so so many pics for their albums. Haha. I like chop-chop especially when we don't intend to top much much pics.

Photshoot is finally over.... We need to start planning our church wedding and actual day programs soon.......

My 1st costume, kwa! Surprisingly I like this style! Haha

My makeup for outdoor shoot......thick hor?

Enjoying our yummy korean dinner after photoshoot

Opps! Where did the food goes to?

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