Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coffee addict

Are you a coffee addict? I know I am and I know I need minimum 1 cup of coffee per day to stay sane at time, hahaha. Any type of coffee works for me. Latte, long black, cappuccino, flat white, kopi-o, kopi-c, AS LONG AS it's not 3-in-1. In my opinion, 3-in-1 is the worst type of coffee ever because the amount of sugar and creamer in that small sachet spoils the real taste of coffee.

The best coffee I tried so far is in Australia. Trust me when I say you can walk to ANY place in Australia and you can get GOOD coffee. Even the coffee is my office in Australia disperse coffee that is way better than the coffee we get in Starbuck, TCC etc etc. But guess what, just as I was scrolling through my photo album to find pictures of the nice coffees I tried so far, I realise I did not take any pictures of the fantastic coffees I had in Australia!!! OMG...... this is crap.

Anyways, there are some of the coffee pictures that I would like to share in this posting just to prove my point of a coffee addict. Haha.

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