Thursday, May 1, 2014

SK-II Magic Ring Test: How old is your skin?

I have always wonder the age of me mentally and physically given the unhealthy lifestyle that I am living in. Long working hours and late nights, coupled with unhealthy food, it is no surprise to me if I am physically and mentally older than my chronological age. When I knew that SK-II Magic Ring test is able to tell the age of my skin, I was intrigued to give it a go.

Extracted from SK-II:
The Magic Ring™ device is the latest in our line-up of breakthrough beauty technology across the years. A state-of-the-art skin analysis tool exclusively available at SK-II beauty counters, the Magic Ring™ helps you discover how your skin fares against the five dimensions of crystal clear skin as well as glean an understanding of what your skin age is. Used across time, SK-II users can qualify and quantify the effect of the miracle on their skin.

Our philosophy in offering such dedicated technologies for deeper insights into your skin ensures that our beauty consultants will be able to personalize a perfect regimen and support you in every step along your journey to crystal clear skin.

The result of my skin analysis test shows that there are many areas of improvements! The skin analysis test result was sort of within my expectation as I knew my skin was in bad condition lately due to work stress and late nights. The SK-II Magic Ring test serves as a reminder that I need to make improvement to my lifestyle and use the right products consistently to improve my skin.

The 5 areas of concern targetted by the Magic Ring Test are: Texture Refinement. Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement. My oh my, I am older than my chronological age!!! In fact, for consistent FTE user, their skin will be 26 years old only!!!

The SA at Robinsons Raffles City, Sharon shared with me that hope is not all lost for me. Considering that Spot Control fare the lowest for me, she strongly recommended Whitening Power Spots Specialist for my current spots and also hidden spots. I am shocked by the amount of hidden spots under the skin surface. According to Sharon, these are the spots that if not properly taken care of now, they will eventually surface up. OMG!!!

The SK-II Magic Ring Test is a true wake up call for me. I have been complacent and lazy in my skincare regime lately and I can already see deterioration in my skin condition. No more lazy Ruby!!!! I will seek Sharon's advice and make sure I use the correct and suitable products to bring my skin back to good condition again.

For all SK-II and non SK-II users, I strongly encourage you to do the Magic Ring Test. You will be in for a surprise. :)

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