Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clinique Cheek Pop in Plum Pop and Ginger Pop

Long long time ago while I was still young, broke and experimenting with makeup, Clinique is always my go to brand because I was battling my acne skin with their skincare products. But years went by, other brands came up with better products and somehow Clinique lost that edge. But recently, Clinique has definitely made a comeback with the cheek pops that there are LOTS of raves about it on the blogsphere!

There are 2 shades available in Clinique Cheek Pop and I had to control myself not to get all 4. Being very rational, I decided to go for only Plum Pop and Ginger Pop.

Not sure if you recall Clinique's not so pretty green plastic case that they always use to house blush and powders? Thank goodness that case was not used to house these beauties and instead a sturdy thick clear plastic case was used. I still remember one of my friends use to tell me she doesn't use Clinique because their casings are ugly.

Check out the print! Isn't it gorgeous?
Left to right: Plum Pop, Ginger Pop

Let's take a look at the swatches below. Plum Pop is a nice cool pink which honestly does not look plum at all. Ginger Pop is a warm brownish orange shade which is perfect to get that healthy sun-kissed look!

I have to shout this out loud, I LOVE THESE CHEEK POPS!!! The texture is soft and buttery (comparable to Burberry blushes!) and it last very well on my combination skin around 6 hours. The colour intensity can be build up from soft to intense which is great. Price wise?? Retailing at S$39 over the counters and US$21 over Nordstrom or Saks, I say this is a pretty good deal!

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