Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tom Ford Lip Colour Sheer Lipstick - Firecracker and Incorrigible

For a while, I have not had my eyes on Tom Ford lipsticks because their shades just did not appeal to me. However, when pictures of Tom Ford Spring 2014 Collection started coming out on blogsphere and Instagram, I was really really tempted!!! I'm not sure if it will be released over Singapore counters so I decided to order mine over

As the name states 'sheer lipstick', I decided to go for the brightest of the lot and chose Firecracker and Incorrigible!

The colours look really intensive, isn't it! So drizzling hot, I love it!

Let's look at the swatches. Firecracker and Incorrigible are in no way sheer. The colours are bold and pigmented. Firecracker is a orange red which I have never tried before. For ladies who wanted to venture into bold red shades because you have never tried red before, Firecracker is a good shade to start with. Incorrigible is a fuchsia pink with slight shimmers in it (not very visible). I love this shade!
From left to right: Firecracker, Incorrigible

To show the lasting power of these lipsticks, you can see from the picture above that the colours leave behind a stain. Mind you that these swatches are removed around 20 mins after the lipsticks are applied on my arm!

Let's see how it looks on my pigmented lips, shall we?
From top to bottom: Natural lips, Firecracker, Incorrigible

I totally love how these shades look on me. Bright, pigmented and leaving behind a nice stain which is just lovely. But I do have 1 peeve, the shape of the lipstick. Somehow I am unable to apply the lipstick nicely over my lips without the lip brush. Without the brush, the colours either doesn't cover my lips fully or it will exceed my lips! I'm not sure if this is an isolated problem that I am facing but this will be an issue for me if I would like to bring it out for touch up.

Would I recommend these 2 shades of Tom Ford Lip Colour Sheer Lipstick? You bet!! In fact, I am soooo satisfied with this range that I picked up another shade! Made a guess?? :)


  1. Ruby what lovely colours you have picked. They would be colours I would go for myself too. Resisting, resisting, resisting.

  2. Incorrigible is calling my name! I don't need more pink lipsticks, I don't need more pink lipsticks..

    1. Lol!! I don't need anymore lipsticks too but I couldn't resist!


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