Monday, August 26, 2013

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in 30 Rose Popillia and 34 Blue Beetle

It has been a while since I last purchase any form of eyeshadows because I have not been using much of them for a while as I have been keeping my make regime simple so that I can be done within 5 mins. But when I saw the new Fall 2013 Kaleidoscope Collection Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill online, they really called to me. Thanks to Jacq who are also ordering online, I managed to hitch on her order. Thanks babe!

My choices from this collection goes to 30 Rose Popillia and 34 Blue Beetle. It was tough choices but I was a good girl and only got 2, haha.

30 Rose Popillio looks plum-ish grey in the pot. Honestly, I don't see much of the 'rose' though.

34 Blue Beetle looks gorgeous! The blue teal-ish shade looks amazing. On a side note, I am disappointed that this batch of ETKs looks more flaky and doesn't adhere to the pot as well as the rest of my ETKs. :(

Now, on to the swatches..... Just like the name of the collection 'Kaleidoscope', the swatches looks different from different angles.

I tried to do a comparison with the existing ETKs that I got and I'm glad to say they are unique and not dupeable so far.

ETKs never fail to impress me with their long-lasting formula (even without an eyeshadow primer) which really helps to save time on the application. You can have the option to apply it with your finger or blending brush and I personally find the finger works better. :)


  1. the rose popillia does appear to have a hint of rose based on the comparison of swatches in the last picture!

    1. Ah, I think I saw it too. Looks like muddy champagne pink.


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