Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lunasol Cream Cheeks EX05 Rose Pink and EX08A Soft Orange

There was a Kanebo Sale some time back and I was really hoping I could snag some good Lunasol deals during the sale so I braved through the crowd on the 1st day to grab some stuffs. You know the scary part about sale is not about spending the money but spending on things that you might not use because it is cheap? I honestly had this problem but I'm glad I managed to purchase stuffs that I know I would use. Kudos to myself, lol!

This post is dedicated to the 2 cream cheeks that I got during the sale: EX05 Rose Pink and EX08A Soft Orange. For your information, EX08A Soft Orange was not sold individually but was part of the Spring 2011 Set. As my colleague was keen in the eye palette and lip gloss in the set, I let go of the 2 items to her and only kept the cream cheek.

The texture of these cream cheeks are quite creamy and easily blendable. The key to cream blush is always go easy on the application at the beginning. You can build up the colour but you cannot 'build down'.

EX05 Rose Pink is a sweet baby pink shade and EX08A is a burnt orangey shade. Both have a satiny finish which doesn't look flat.
EX05 Pink Rose (left) and EX08A Soft Orange (right)

EX05 Pink Rose (left) and EX08A Soft Orange (right) - heavy swatch

EX05 Pink Rose (left) and EX08A Soft Orange (right) - blended

Lunasol Cream Cheek last approximately 6 hours on me and despite tissue blotting during the day, the shade still stays on (but not as strong as at the beginning of the day), but this is acceptable to me. For ladies who like their blush to stay on strong throughout the day will need touch up.

I'm not sure what is the retail price of Lunasol Cream Cheeks over the counter but I paid $19 for 12g of products which I think is quite a steal. :)


  1. Great buys Ruby. Number one I hate crowds so I cannot see myself braving through the hoards of people. Number two I see so many things my mind goes blank and I don't know what to buy. That is why I prefer online shopping. But I can't help being envious when I see you ladies saving so much on your buys. I love cream blushes and these look awesome.

    1. Jacq, the crowd is quite scary on the 1st day, i could hardly see the stuffs because pple are hoarding the counter tables. literally have to grab and go.

  2. Hey Ruby, it really is quite a steal! These look promising. I like the finish! Must look into Lunasol when I'm in Taipei this summer.

  3. Wow it's definitely a steal at $19! I have never tried this and the shade looks good!

    1. Meryl,it's always comforting to know that we got a good product at a fraction of the price. :)


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