Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hi there!

Sorry for neglecting this space for I was really bogged down with tonnes of work and my health has really been on the decline for the past weeks. Thanks for being so patient with this space all these while!

For most office workers who are always staring at the PC or laptop in office, most, if not all always suffer from tense shoulders and stiff neck. I am no exception as well and my parents nagged at me time and time again to see this sinseh that they have been going. In fact, he was so good that he my mum who used to have frozen shoulder and could not bend her arm backwards no longer have this issue.

The only drawback....... PAIN. It's damn painful because he is not 推拿, he is 捉经, which translate to 'pulling the nerves'. His theory is we suffer from pain and discomfort as our nerves are affected thus reducing smooth blood circulation. So what did I get from a session from him on Sunday???


I have bruises like this on my thighs, arms and butt. And not only that, I have to watch my food in the meantime with no meat, no cold drinks etc etc..... I hope all these really help. And I will need to go back to the sinseh this Sun as well.......

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