Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell party

My SingTel kakis and myself are part of this club which we invented as POOH Inc. I forgot how this POOH came about but I am very sure it has nothing to do with Winnie The Pooh...... Anyway, we were all in a race called 'Running Horse' whereby we UPGRADE our membership from POOH Inc to Alumni Club, hahaha. And I am happy to say I was in 2nd place, hahaha. 1 week before my last day (which is yesterday), they decide to throw me a farewell party and we were happy that the winner of the Running Horse aka President of Alumni Club was cordially invited as well. Haha.

We decided to have steamboat dinner at Liang Seah St and the soup base is really good! We decide not to go for the usual hot and spicy soup and opt for chicken soup and salted veg soup base. The food is not bad and interestingly, I felt like I was having a facial steaming as the steam from the steamboat came blowing at me. We adjorned to MOF at Bugis Junction and just as we thought that we can finally have air con, it shut down because it was 10pm!!!! -_- But nevertheless, it was a good gathering session as we were all busy with the crazy, stupid budget that we never had the chance to meet up and gossip and joke around. I would certainly miss this bunch of friends that I made here.

Steamboat dinner at Ting Yuan Steamboat

Members of POOH Inc asked and asked what I wanted as my farewell gift and I told them cash so that I can buy what I want. They objected as they knew being the practical me, I will end up buying household stuffs and even toilet papers, haha! So I decided to go for a watch..... After the 'demise' of my almost 10 year old DKNY watch that I bought after working for 1 year, I decided to take a look at their watches again, I like their simple rectangular watch face.... and I found what I wanted! They said this watch is so me! Haha. Oh, and I requested for a pair of Itti & Otto black heels that was going on at $49.90.... took me less than 30 seconds to get what I want since it always for the same black colour and cutting, haha, efficient huh? :)

DKNY watch as my farewell gift

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