Sunday, January 3, 2010

Met up with my family for my belated birthday lunch at Yum Cha (since I was not feeling well on the actual day itself) and after which was a session of bowling at Marina Square, dinner followed by drinks.

I have never went bowling before, the only time I bowled was playing with Wii Sports, haha. And it quite fun. Needless to say, the drains became real clean after my game (haha) and the lane got a bit dented since I don't bowl but I just THROW the ball. But all these were for the fun of it also, so WHO CARES!

My 2nd sis and her hubby to be recommended this pub at Millenia Walk for us to just sit, chill out and enjoy the live band and I really enjoyed it! I cannot remember the last time I sat down somewhere to just drink and enjoy the live band. I am not quite a beer person so ordered a glass of red wine (was comtemplating between a margarita that cost $16 or a red wine that cost $13 and I went for the cheaper :P). Apparently this pub has their own beer and we tasted a bit and really like the light beer taste so me and BC ordered 1 to share after my red wine and his Bailey Irish cream. After which, 2nd sis sabo-ed me by ordering a tequila shot for me! Wah se...... it has been a while since I last drank and my face was already abit warm after the red wine but I was thinking WHAT THE HECK??? JUST WHACK IT!

Overall, it has been a nice 1st weekend of 2010 and I told BC that it might be a good idea for us to come by this pub again to unwind once a while to relax and not think about anything. :)

The German pub, NICE!!

Tequila shot (I like the glass)

Half drank beer with the mini doremons that 2nd sis's bf 'grab' from those clamping machines

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